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We operate strictly on a first come first served basis and orders that are produced (not placed) during the first and second week of May can still be installed before Memorial Day.

Typically, we start working overtime at the factory during April to squeeze in late orders that need to be installed before Memorial day, these orders attract an overtime loading of $350 - $500 depending on size. Orders for 2017 have already started and will usually be brisk during February and March shaping the production schedule through to mid May.

For the Campground and Day Camp Industries installations generally need to take place before Memorial Day. Each year virtually all of May is reserved for the northern states where the timing of the snow melt is a factor. We encourage Central and Southern States to get their Jumper ordered early so that manufacture and installation can take place outside of Late April-Early May, this will avoid disappointment.

Regardless of your situation, we always strive to meet or beat your installation requirements.

Every year there are old canvases that need to be replaced and unfortunately most clients leave it until their old canvas fails before contacting us and this usually happens right at the beginning of their season causing disappointment and loss of trade.

If you have a canvas that is 5+ years old then please take a close up photo of the canvas and send it to us. We can usually accurately estimate what life is left so that you can plan your replacement.

Send the photo to this E-Mail address

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