Not the Jumping Pillow - It's the vastly Improved Kangaroo Jumper

Gary Wakerley
Owner - Jumping Pillows LLC
Owner Playsafe Products LLC
Consultant - Kangaroo Jumper Inc

We are Jumping Pillows LLC & Playsafe Products LLC of the USA and Playsafe Products Pty Ltd of Australia and we have distributed the Jumping Pillow product in the USA and Canada since 2004. We have manufactured it here in the USA for many years and it has served us and you very well. We also manufacture in both Australia and Great Britain and have continued to develop every aspect of the product to meet the demands of the businesses we serve and the regulartory statutes of all Countries, we have also paid close attention to the requirements of the Insurance companies in the ongoing development of the product. Today our product is vastly superior to the product known in the USA as ‘The Original Jumping Pillow’ and to the Jumping Pillow manufactured in Denmark and Australia - to an extent that we believe our product deserves its own identity.

previously our Premium Long Life Jumping Pillow!

We have used our 16 years experience and the knowledge gained after approx. 2000 installations worldwide to design a product which better serves our client base and is far more Insurance friendly.

Others may follow but the Kangaroo Jumper will always lead!

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