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The Agri-tourism is wide and varied in nature and a business that is open for 6 weeks of the year and has a throughput of 15000 people has a different requirement to a business that is open for 6 months and has a throughput of 100000 people.

Unashamedly, we target the discerning buyer. One who understands the economics of 'Longer Life' and the value of playground aesthetics. In this industry Impulse Buyers tend to come unstuck!

We present our product the 'Kangeroo Jumper' in two different materials to the Agri-Tourism Industry and we offer a variety of other options so that your purchase can be totally 'Tailor-Made' to suit your specific business operation. Our product already exists in over 450 Agri-tourism businesses and in a further 2000 other businesses throughout the USA, Canada & Mexico and we've been serving your industry since 2004 always upgrading and innovating to stay well ahead of the competition!

The benefits of our 'No Sand' Jumper in a nutshell:

  • Drastically reduce injury incidences
  • Eliminate abrasion on the canvas
  • Eliminate sand maintenance and sand replacement
  • Improve Aesthetic value
  • Eliminate sand being transfered to the pool and splash pad
  • Create a cleaner play environment

Whether you are replacing an existing canvas or considering your first Kangaroo Jumper purchase, the value of our no-sand option should not be underrated. Simply put, it makes economic sense as well as as providing a safer, cleaner, longer lasting and even better looking environment.

Sand or No Sand - it is your choice and we offer both!

We are innovators and have moved far beyond the Original Jumping Pillow product and the Jumbo Jumper product.

  • In 2004 we installed the first Jumping Pillow into the Agri-tourism market.
  • In 2006 we designed and released the Indoor Jumping Pillow,
  • In 2008 we redesigned the standard install method and introduced 3 other methods to suit some special circumstances unique to the USA,
  • In 2009 we introduced the Variable Bounce option,
  • In 2010 we improved the safety aspects of the product,
  • In 2011 we introduced a longer lasting canvas (exclusive) which in turn extended the warranty beyond that of competitors,
  • In 2012 we released the Kangaroo Jumper which raised the safety bar again,
  • In 2013 we released the Permanent Soft Edge (no-sand option) This is another 'World First' and proving to be extremely popular. In Australia, New Zealand and the UK for instance 60% of our orders are for the new product and in the USA the concept has hit the ground running. Major Insurance companies now recognize the reduced exposure of the Kangaroo Jumper and offer reduced rates
  • In 2014 we responded yet again to upgrading the safety of the product by incorporating the 'Sand Depth Indicator'. This is now another standard feature of the Kangaroo Jumper and proving popular with Insurance Companies. This indicator streamlines sand maintenance and keeps your hard edge covered to a depth recommended by USA standards.

The Kangaroo Jumper is also US Military approved and can be found in several USA Military establishments.

FACT: Our material is way ahead of our competitors and so is our 5 year un-conditional warranty, verses a Pro-rated warranty offered by competitors. Interestingly, ALL of our competitors approached our manufacturer in order to secure our superior material but were denied yet the claim is that theirs is just as good! mmm....

We invite you to see the proof about Canvas quality by checking the link 'How Long Will It Last' on the menu or by clicking here.
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