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In 2004 I introduced the 'Jumping Pillow' to the Campground industry in the USA and Canada and the success of the product and the positive impact it has had on those who have installed it is well documented. We have maintained an envious safety record along the way and that is why research and continued development of our product is ongoing.

Playsafe Products LLC are focused on the discerning Campground Owner who is searching for 'Real Value for Money' and knows how to spot it! We do not compete with other products because other like products do not and cannot present the same valuable features of the Kangaroo Jumper. Their products today are what we were marketing between 2004 and 2010 and we have moved well beyond that product.

Longevity = lower annual cost and longer aesthetic value
Improved Safety = worry free operation and cheaper Insurance Costs.
Playsafe Products LLC = 10 years of continuous development to meet the needs of the demands of  the ever changing USA and World Market.

The Kangaroo Jumper product was actually developed in the USA by us in 2010 under the name Jumping Pillow and in 2013 we changed its name to the Kangaroo Jumper in order to distinguish it from other copy products.

We are innovators and have moved far beyond the Original Jumping Pillow product.

  • In 2004 we installed the first Jumping Pillow into the Campground Industry.
  • In 2006 we designed and released the Indoor Jumping Pillow,
  • In 2008 we redesigned the standard install method and introduced 3 other methods to suit some special circumstances unique to the USA,
  • In 2009 we introduced the Variable Bounce option,
  • In 2010 we improved the safety aspects of the product,
  • In 2011 we introduced a longer lasting canvas (exclusive) which in turn extended the warranty beyond that of competitors,
  • In 2012 we released the Kangaroo Jumper which raised the safety bar again,
  • In 2013 we released the Permanent Soft Edge (no-sand option) This is another 'World First' and proving to be extremely popular. In Australia, New Zealand and the UK for instance 60% of our orders are for the new product and in the USA the concept has hit the ground running. Insurance companies are now starting to recognize the reduced exposure of the Kangaroo Jumper.
  • In 2014 we responded yet again to upgrading the safety of the product by incorporating the 'Sand Depth Indicator'. This is now another standard feature of the Kangaroo Jumper and proving popular with Insurance Companies. This indicator streamlines sand maintenance and helps you keep your hard edge covered to a depth recommended by USA standards.

The Kangaroo Jumper is also US Military approved and can be found in several USA Military establishments.

Our new trading name 'Play Safe Products' says it all and our other products 'The Spiderweb' and 'The Imagination Playground' are equally deserving of your attention as they will make fine additions to your playground. The Imagination Playground is both Outdoor and Indoor and presents a perfect activity for those Rainy Days!

  • Claims you may hear from others:
  • Gary Wakerley is no longer in the Jumping Pillow Business! - Correct, I am in the Kangaroo Jumper Business.
  • Playsafe Products does not carry Manufacturers Insurance! - Correct, Our Manufacturer Roland Curtains of Texas does.
  • Our PVC Canvas is as good as theirs! - Positive Proof that this is incorrect click here.
  • The 'No Sand' option is just a gimmick! - Spoken by a person of obvious inexperience.
  • We are the 'ORIGINAL' Jumping Pillow! - Infers product confidence and owner experience, in fact the Jumping Pillow product sold in the USA is different to that manufactured in Australia which in turn is different to the UK Jumping Pillow. Which one is the 'ORIGINAL'? Does 'original' equate to quality? I think not.
  • We are the only product certified by TUV! - Incorrect.The Kangaroo Jumper is also TUV certified but we only only convey that to our UK and European clients where it is relevant. TUV is European and not relevant in the USA and Canada.
  • The Kangaroo Jumper Installation method will fail! - Over 2400 installations and 5 different install methods we think we know what we're doing.

Sometimes salesmen will say anything just to get a sale, it's up to you to sort it all out! Over the years several companies have come and gone and last year another two folded up business but we are still pioneering this
product here in the USA and around the world and serving the industries we love!

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 Permanently Covered Hard Edge: (All sales to the Campground Industry from 2013 have this feature as optional)
When the hard edge is exposed it is simply dangerous! The use of sand to cover this hard edge has worked fine for years however it does require constant maintenance keeping the sand at the correct depth, it also requires topping up each year and history shows that most folks have a system in place to regulate the sand depth. Some don't! We now have the ability to do away with the sand and cover the hard edge permanently, this means no maintenance, no ongoing costs of sand replacement and as a bonus the elimination of abrasion on the surface and no sand in your Swimming Pool. You will find the resulting extended life far outweighs the additional cost!

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