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The Day and Vacation Camp Industry is an important business sector to us and sales to clients across the USA have proven to have had a major positive impact on yearly enrollments. One aspect of the Kangaroo Jumper product that we wish was not so obsure is that most children with disabilities can enjoy our product equally as much as an able bodied person. This is often not the case with other playground facilities.

We present our product the 'Kangeroo Jumper' in two different materials to the Day and Vacation Camp Industry and we offer a variety of other options so that your purchase can be totally 'Tailor-Made' to suit your specific business operation. The result is that you only need pay for what you need and we have a product combination available to suit your every need. Our product already exists in almost every state throughout the USA and we've been serving your industry for 9 years always upgrading and innovating to stay well ahead of the rest! The safety of your clients is our genuine priority.

FACT: Our new material is way ahead of our competitors and so is our warranty although competitor websites will tell you differently. There is much untruth out there! You can rest easy when your purchase is a Kangaroo Jumper because others before you have already done the math, sort advice from friends in the industry and choosen our product as being the best for their situation. That's why our product dominates the market.

No other supplier of a like product is able to offer the extensive options that we can!

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