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While the economy has been tough over the past few years the FEC Industry has proven to be one business sector that has gone against the national trend. We monitor the industry by keeping in contact with our clients especially 'New Businesses' and although we can only report on businesses who had the foresight to install an Indoor Kangaroo Jumper, the news is all good. Generally, businesses have several inflatable products such as slides and bounce houses ect. and we must warn that in all cases some of these become obsolete once the Kangaroo Jumper becomes part of the equation. In all cases (spanning the past 5 years) the Jumper quickly establishes itself as the number one attraction. We've learned also that the Imagination Playground is extreamly popular and that is why we have become a distributor of the product.

The FEC industry is more stable than most and worth the consideration of your investment dollar and existing business would do well to consider our product in the near future. Do it before your competition does! The Kangaroo Jumper WILL be the focal point of your whole business and it will set you apart from your competition. Kids always choose the Kangaroo Jumper first and that's a fact!

We recently did a survey of a number of our existing Indoor Kangaroo Jumper Owners:

Prior to your opening you had a lot of product choices, what made you choose the Kangaroo Jumper?
1. We knew of the success and popularity of the outdoor Kangaroo Jumper through the Campground Industry
2. We wanted something different
3. Per sq/ft it accommodates and entertains more kids at a time than anything else
4. I saw it in operation at another place and it seemed to be the kids' first choice, they kept coming back to it.
5. We had a space left and the Kangaroo Jumper was made to fit it perfectly so no wasted space.

Was cost a factor in your decision?
1. Yes but I wanted to be assured of success
2. We wanted a focus for our advertising that was different to the competition. That was worth more to us than price.
3. We felt that it would be a major attraction and because it is a lifelong product it never needs replacement so the           economics work fine for us.
4. We financed it and we're glad we did.
5. Not really! Cost effectiveness was a bigger factor in our decision

Now that you're an experienced Kangaroo Jumper Owner what impact has it had on your FEC business?
1. We're only 6 months out and the economy could be better but we are successful, I'm confident that things would           not be as good without the Kangaroo Jumper.
2. Everyone in our town identifies us as the place with the Jumper, our party bookings are through the roof!
3. We are continuing to grow and we know it is because of the Kangaroo Jumper because folks ask us on the phone          'You have the Jumping thing right?'
4. Parents are impressed with the safety of it and they keep coming back so what can I say
5. When the next inflatable wears out we will replace it with a second Kangaroo Jumper

What (if any) problems are associated with the Kangaroo Jumper?
1. None really, except it's funny sometimes watching parents trying to get their kids off it when it's time to go home
2. In peak times you may have to supervise the Jumper because everyone wants to be on it at the same time
3. Sometimes we have to physically turn the thing off to get people off it so we can go home.
4. Our only problem is that we wish that we had space for a bigger one.
5. Ceiling height restricts us a bit, with a low ceiling teenagers are always trying to jump high enough to touch the           ceiling.

What can you say to other business owners about the Kangaroo Jumper?
1. It's been a success for us so it follows that it would be successful for them too
2. Get it before your opposition does
3. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone except my competition
4. It will have a big impact on your business, sets you apart from the others and gives you a great focus for your           website and advertising. It's not a cheap Chinese product so you have to find a way to afford it. It's a big money           maker and they'll find that out.
5. We have started to franchise and one of our rules is that our Franchisee's MUST have a Kangaroo Jumper. That           says it all I think.

How were your dealings with the Company?
1. Great! Very professional
2. We had no problems and they were very helpful
3. The installer was delayed but stayed an extra night to get it done on time for our opening - can't ask for more           than that!
4. Very helpful all the way and everything was on time.
5. All good, we can't comment on their back up service because we have not needed any

The Indoor Kangaroo Jumper is a USA made product made of material that is designed for Kangaroo use, it is a lifelong product and will never wear out. The blower unit is virtually silent unlike the common unit used on inflatable's that make your business a noisy environment. After three months, if you're not happy with your purchase we will accept it returned for a refund.
What other supplier will give you that guarantee?

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