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Nine years ago I introduced the 'Jumping Pillow' to the USA and Canada and the success of the product and the positive impact it has had on those who have installed it is well documented. We have tried desperately along the way to maintain an envious safety record and that is why research and continued development of our product is ongoing. We are innovators and 2013 saw the release of the new 'No Sand' option for new and replacement Kangaroo Jumpers. This is a 'World First' and proving to be extreamly popular.

One aspect of the Kangaroo Jumper product that we wish was not so obsure is that most children with disabilities can enjoy our product equally as much as an able bodied person. This is often not the case with other playground facilities. Of interest to the Schools sector should be that the Kangaroo Jumper is perfect for the development of motor skills and fundamental body movements, and apart from that it's just Great Fun!

The Kangaroo Jumper is also US Military approved and can be found in several USA Military establishments.

Our new trading name 'Play Safe Products' says it all and our other products 'The Spiderweb' and 'The Indoor Kangaroo Jumper' are equally deserving of your attention as they will make fine additions to your playground.

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 Permanently Covered Hard Edge: (All sales from 2013 have this feature as optional)
When the hard edge is exposed it is simply dangerous! The use of sand to cover this hard edge has worked fine for years however it does require constant maintenance keeping the sand at the correct depth, it also requires topping up each year and history shows that most folks have a system in place to regulate the sand depth. Some don't! We now have the ability to do away with the sand and cover the hard edge permanently, this means no maintenance, no ongoing costs of sand replacement and as a bonus the elimination of abrasion on the surface. You will find the resulting extended life far outways the additional cost!