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Injury Statistics

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Research Indicates:

Each year approximately 205,860 preschool and elementary children receive emergency department care for injuries that occur on playground equipment.

76% of the injuries happened on public playground equipment
23% occurred on home playground equipment
Approximately 156,040 (75.8 %) of the 1999 injuries occurred on equipment designed for public use; 46,930 (22.8 %) occurred on equipment designed for home use; and 2,880 (1.4 %) occurred on homemade playground equipment (primarily rope swings).
About 45% of injuries involving public equipment occurred in schools.
About 31% of injuries involving public equipment occurred in public parks.
About 10% of injuries involving public equipment occurred in commercial childcare centers.
About 3% of injuries involving public equipment occurred in home childcare.
About 3% of injuries involving public equipment occurred in apartment complexes.
About 2% of injuries involving public equipment occurred in fast food restaurants.
About 9% of injuries involving public equipment occurred in other locations.
**The places where you will find a Kangaroo Jumper (Campgrounds, Resorts, Corn mazes etc.) fall into a category that contributes the least number of injuries.

Approximately 15% of the injuries were classified as severe, with 3% requiring hospitalization.
The most prevalent diagnoses were fractures (39%), lacerations (22%), contusions/abrasions (20%), strains/sprains (11%). Falls to the surface was a contributing factor in 79% of all injuries. On home equipment, 81% were associated with falls.
Most injuries on public playground equipment were associated with climbing equipment (53%), swings (19%), and slides (17%).

**It it logical to assess that the fundamental body movements involved in playing on the Kangaroo Jumper fall into the very low injury category, add to the equation the safety features built into each installation (no hard surfaces, low height activity, inability to use the equipment during rain etc) and you can see why the Kangaroo Jumper is as safe as playground equipment can get! That is why in some other countries, Insurance companies actually recommend the Kangaroo Jumper because of its impeccable safety record.

The Kangaroo Jumper will attract a high volume of participants and people can hurt other people and people breaking rules also can hurt themselves and others. Every Kangaroo Jumper Owner should have a sound management plan to ensure safe operation of their Kangaroo Jumper.

All statistics were based on data obtained between 1998 and 2000 from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) National Electronic Surveillance System (NEISS). NEISS collects playground product-related data from a selected sample of more than 100 hospital emergency departments located throughout the U.S. Thus, only emergency room injuries are recorded and the national statistics are estimates. All statistics have been adjusted to reflect out-of-scope cases that were reported to NEISS.

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