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Installation We Do/You Do

What you need to do before we install - More detailed instructions are provided if you prefer to choose our 'Do-It-Yourself' option:


1. Prepare the ground by removing stones etc.
2. The area does not need to be level - talk to us about this!
3. Do not remove grass

The ground must be cleared of stones and any sharp objects. Marking out should only be done with the Kangaroo Jumper in place.
Do not mark-out and dig the trench until the installation team arrive. There is no need to remove grass from the installation site.

Sand or Pea Gravel is placed and the Jumper inflated.
The Jumper is normally ready to jump on immediately, however optimum inflation relies on the sealing of the trench and the settling of the in trench components, this can take from 1 to 6 days. Please inform us if your site is elevated 1500ft or more above sea level so that the correct pump and blower unit is installed.

Before backfilling of the trench takes place you may want to consider running 4" flexible drainage pipe around the bottom of the trench. Although problems with drainage are not common, it can occur. Please talk to us about water table issues and drainage at the time of your order.

Self Installation:
You can save money by installing yourself. Installation is not rocket science but it is an exacting process. When your Jumper is inflated it needs to rise to the correct height and it needs to be level so adherence to the instructions and following our instructions on the day is paramount.

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