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The 'Kangaroo Jumper' is the only product that conforms to the Leavitt Insurance Preferred Rate Requirements
  • The Jumping Pillow was a brand new product to the USA in 2004. This product has over 15000 installations throughout Europe and approximately 250 installations throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • The first USA installation took place at the Charlotte KOA Campground in April of 2004. Installations now exceed 2000 throughout the 50 states of the USA. The product is now called 'The Kangaroo Jumper'
  • Jumpimg Pillows LLC (a USA company) has ensured that high levels of safety are maintained with every installation however, there are copy products including a product called 'Jumping Pillow' and 'Jumbo Jumper' these products do not conform to the highest safety standards and are made from a lesser quality material - Be very aware of anything not called 'The Kangaroo Jumper'
  • Since 2004 Jumping Pillows LLC has developed additional safety features as a result of working with the requirements of USA based Insurance Companies. Installing each Kangaroo Jumper to established safety standards so that each installation provides our clients with longevity and trouble-free operation, is established company policy.

Main Safety Features of the Kangaroo Jumper

  • The Kangaroo Jumper is low-level
  • There are no hard surfaces to land on
  • A 4ft. roll-off area of soft sand is maintained around the entire periphery of the jumper or clients can choose the NEW Permanent Soft Edge feature.
  • Our Jumpers feature a 'Sand Level Indicator'
  • The unique design of the Kangaroo Jumper is such that the jumping of one person has minimal effect on the bounce of another - Totally different dynamics than that of a Trampoline or Bounce House.
  • Timers or a manual switch can turn the Jumper off at dusk - when the Jumper is off it deflates to ground level and cannot be used
  • Clients are instructed to turn the Jumper off during rain

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Evergreen USA RRG, Inc.
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