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How can you 'The Potential Client' make an Informed Decision when 'TRUTH' is hard to come by?

It is our contention that this company derives it's sales largely through blatant untruths and misleading information found throughout their web site. The product in question the Jumbo Jumper is distributed by Brett Herbst.

Read No Further if Honesty Offends!

The Jumbo Jumper:
This company started in the business as an agent of Jumping Pillows LLC. so their knowledge of installation and installation experience is sound. What is not sound is their marketing integrity as their web site is full of untruths and misleading statements. This seems to be 'par for the course' for anyone wanting to compete with the market leaders (Kangaroo Jumper). Intriguing is the fact that the business is owned and staffed by Christian Mormons which seems to be at odds with the level of untruths? Must only be a Sunday thing!

During the course of his distributorship with us it was proclaimed by Mr. Herbst (who has an intricate knowledge of the Agri-tourism industry) that a portion of the market did require a better quality material than the standard material and that all businesses in that category would be referred to us to access the 'Premium' material. All inquiries to us that only needed standard material would be referred to Brett Herbst. During the three years when this was in effect we referred dozens and dozens of clients to Brett Herbst but Brett Herbst referred none to us. It seems that profit for this Company was a bigger priority than doing the best for those clients who would have been better served with the better material. Integrity?

Doing the best for the Farmer was supposed to be the achillies heal for the Distributorship and when use of eachothers installers (because of location) could lower installation costs to the Farmer then that's what we would do. During the years when Brett Herbst was our Distributor (located in Utah) we were never called upon to install even when one particular installation was only two miles from our home base in Sevierville Tennessee? The Farmers Friend?

Today they offer three different quality materials (according to their web site), the only thing wrong with this is that they don't! In talking about their 'Premium' material they are referring to the same 'Premium' material that is used in the manufacture of the 'Kangaroo Jumper' however my manufacturer will not deal with Brett Herbst so they cannot supply it but it looks good that they offer it! the other option is the Anti-Slip/Fire Retardant material. Sorry to inform everybody that this material does not exist! So there is actually one standard short life material available from this Company. When they were a distributor of the Kangaroo Jumper they had genuine product choice now they have no choice and that's the truth of the matter. Honesty?

So the fact of the matter is; that it does not matter what you want or need, you are going to get the one material that is available. Apparently, the 20% of the Agri-tourism market that absolutely need the better quality material (according to Brett Herbst three years ago) don't need it anymore? Consistency?

On their website they boast about their extensive Jumbo Jumper client list. The fact is that this list is overwhelmingly the Kangaroo Jumper/Jumping Pillow client list which they installed as my distributor. Once the clients and product was established they simply decided to go it alone and discard the agreement they had with Jumping Pillows LLC. Sour Grapes? No - but I do get offended with grossly missleading information and dishonesty. Why can't anybody tell the truth anymore?

Web site blurb: Safety is always first as we have added new safety features to help ensure an amazing experience for your jumping guests. We stand behind our product 100% with the best warranties in the business

They offer a 3-5-year pro-rated warranty which is offered as the best in the industry (I assume the 5 year pro-rated warranty refers to the Premium Material that they can't supply), last time I checked a 5 year unconditional warranty (Kangaroo Jumper) is better than that? The new safety features talked about refers to additional signs that you can buy. Honesty?

FACTS: Generally the canvas used in the manufacture of the Jumbo Jumper is quite useful to a large portion of the Agri-tourism industry where the business (and therefore UV exposure) is limited to 6-12 weeks of the year. For those with larger operations and those who are open for business for longer periods, this material will let you down earlier than you might like! This product is totally unsuitable for the Campground industry period!

I stand behind anything you read on this entire web site as being absolute truth and anyone who can point out anything misleading will be thanked for doing so and adjustments will be made immediately. You might not like what is said here or the way it is said but I simply don't know another way to tell the truth. This Jumbo Jumper operation is knowingly acting unconscionably and I would have no issue with them if they simply told the truth so that Potential Buyers can make an Informed Decision. Right now they are being believed because they are (like you) in the industry.

Gary Wakerley
Owner - 865 387 8707


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