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The Outdoor Kangaroo Jumper 'No Sand Option'

A World First and Exclusive

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Drastically reduce injury
  • Eliminate abrasion on the canvas
  • Eliminate sand maintenance and sand replacement
  • Improve Aesthetic value
  • Eliminate sand being transfered to the pool and splash pad
  • Create a cleaner play environment

Whether you are replacing an existing canvas or considering your first Kangaroo Jumper purchase, the value of our no-sand option should not be underrated. Simply put, it makes economic sense as well as as providing a safer, cleaner, longer lasting and even better looking environment.

The no-sand option came about after considering years of data collected on the causes of injury and overwhelmingly that data pointed to the 'Lack of Sand Maintenance' causing 76% of injury related incidents. We simply needed a way to eliminate sand maintenance altogether and in the process eliminate 76% of injury related incidents. Those injuries were mostly minor and focused on ankle sprains and knee sprains. We were rewarded with the additional benefits that came along with the solution.


It costs more because of the added labor and material costs associated with the manufacture of the holding flap and the additional cost of the Carpeted Cross-linked Foam surround. The foam is ASTM 9 feet fall rated, it does not absorb water and the bonded carpet will not lose its integrity although it will color fade over time just like anything used outdoors. The carpet is acrylic and similar to marine carpet used in boats.

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