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Outdoor Kangaroo Jumper 'Regular Installation'

 We been very successful promoting the Kangaroo Jumper to Campgrounds, RV Parks, Motels, Cornmaze, Day Camps, Resorts, Family Entertainment Centers, Schools and Kindergartens. They provide safe fitness activity for kids and adults without the hazards normally associated with Jump Pads, Trampolines, Jumping Castles and some other traditional playground equipment. They are also suitable for fitness activity in amusement parks, resorts, sport clubs etc. They are available in 7 standard sizes or can be customized to suit your requirements and we also produce the 'No Sand' option and the 'Indoor Kangaroo Jumper'.

What sets the Kangaroo Jumper apart from Competitors?

  • Our material is exclusive and lasts much longer and stays looking good much longer than standard PVC Canvas used by our competitors.
  • Our 'Sand Depth Indicator' is exclusive and makes it easy for you to monitor and maintain sand depth. This is a major safety feature.
  • Our warranty is un-conditional and NOT pro-rated.
  • Options such as 'Variable Speed Blower' and 'No Sand'
  • Unmatched Installation experience and our knowledge of varying UV zones and subterranean conditions and effects, together with our knowledge of varying State Regulations in the USA is unmatched.
  • ONLY the Kangaroo Jumper meets the criteria for the 'Preferred Rate' with leading Campground Insurers.


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