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How can you 'The Potential Client' make an Informed Decision when 'TRUTH' is hard to come by?

It is our contention that this company derives it's sales largely through blatant untruths and misleading information found throughout their web site. The product in question is the Jumping Pillow which is distributed by Con Elfes. In fairness to Mr. Elfes though, he has no knowledge of the product or the Industries and relies on information fed to him by the Jumping Pillow owners in Australia.

Read No Further if Honesty Offends!

The Jumping Pillow:
The main claim is that this is the 'original' Jumping Pillow which is not true as the original Jumping Pillow in the USA market evolved into the now vastly improved 'Kangaroo Jumper'. They simply took over the name from the owners of the logo who are the owners of Jumping Pillows Australia and their business here in the USA is built on the relationship with that Australian company. It may be fair to say that it is the original seeing as it is based on the original Australian Jumping Pillow! The original USA Jumping Pillow is now the Kangaroo Jumper. Are you dealing with the Original Supplier in the USA - NO!

Fact: The owner of the company has no installation experience what-so-ever, installations in 2013 were carried out by a previous employee of the Kangaroo Jumper company and he will not be back in 2014 as is our understanding.

Blurb from their web site:
The Original Jumping Pillow® was brilliantly designed in Denmark over 25 years ago and has been engineered for the safety of its user. Our inflatable trampoline and its method of installation is the only one in the US market that follows the well respected TUV Certification standards which was first obtained by the Danish inventor. We carry a 5 year pro-rated warranty on our product and provide the highest quality PVC fabric available in the market. Our newly developed material provides a much longer wear factor and is treated with the highest UV protection which prevents early fading of its surface.

What an interesting statement. Here are the facts: There is not and has never been a Jumping Pillow in Europe, the original product is the now Blaabjerg Trampoline. They would have you believe that there is some kind of Aura around the name 'Jumping Pillow'. Every product on the market is an interpretation of the original, some improved and some just the same as the original.

TUV Certification is a European standard not relevant here in the USA. In the USA our standards body is ASTM. ASTM do not have a standard for a commercial 'Constant Air Inflatable'. The closest is a standard for 'Constant Air Inflatable for Home Use'. All products on the market here in the USA far and exceed that non relevant ASTM standard. All products would also qualify for the TUV certification if it were relevant.

If their material was the best in the world then their warranty would also be the best and not be pro-rated, for instance the 'Kangaroo Jumper' 5 year warranty is unconditional. I claim that the Kangaroo Jumper is produced from the best material in the world so someone has to be blatantly misleading the market! If their warranty was unconditional then I might believe them.

Fact: When you buy a Jumping Pillow in the USA. A royalty goes overseas to both Australia and Denmark, if you buy any other product - it doesn't!

Because the Kangaroo Jumper is (and always has been) the market leader and is a demonstratably a far superior product, competitors seem to misslead and sometimes blantly lie about their product in order that their product warrants comparison.

I stand behind anything you read on this entire web site as being absolute truth and anyone who can point out anything misleading will be thanked for doing so and adjustments will be made immediately. You might not like what is said here or the way it is said but I simply don't know another way to tell truth. This Jumping Pillow operation is acting unconscionably (possibly unknowingly?) and I would have no issue with them if they simply told the truth.

Gary Wakerley
Owner - 865 387 8707


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