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How Long will it last?

It's all about Material Quality and UV resistance and during your investigations you will never hear that a competitors product is not as good as the other. So you are left with trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. Unashamedly, we target the discerning buyer. One who understands the economics of 'Longer Life' and the value of playground aesthetics. In this industry Impulse Buyers tend to come unstuck!

This is what we can say about Canvas Quality:
Firstly, our manufacturer is the largest buyer of PVC canvas in the USA and is very familiar with ALL canvases available both here in the USA and also from overseas. During our 11 years manufacturing Jumping Pillows and Kangaroo Jumpers we have at some time used all of the major brands available as we have always wanted to manufacture with the best available quality. No competitor uses the canvas we use and no competitor uses a material that we have not used in the past.

Our material manufacturer issues us with a 3 year manufacturers warranty, ALL other brands of material come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, this is indicative of quality. Manufacturers warranty is extended by the supplier of the end product based on the application (in this case a Jumping Product). The best warranty you will get from our competitors is 5 year Pro-Rated under certain circumstances. Generally it will be 3 years Pro Rated and this all depends on the amount of time you will be exposing your Canvas to the sun. If I used standard PVC, I too would issue a 3 year pro-rated warranty.

This Farmer installed our Premium Material product and had great success with it, two years later he decided to install another but went for the cheaper material from a different supplier.

This aerial was taken two years later and the difference is clearly evident.

The location is Texas which has one of the highest UV factors in the USA. The owner sent me these pictures.

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Our Canvas is warranted for 5 years UNCONDITIONAL (not pro-rated) - Why?
It's because our canvas will last 8+ years when exposed to the sun all year round and that is based on the harshest UV conditions in the USA. Under these same conditions, the longest life you will get from any other PVC canvas will be 4 years and during the final two years the canvas will look very faded.

You may be able to purchase a competitor product at a slightly cheaper price but you cannot buy anything but a lesser quality product. We use the more expensive material because we firmly believe that 'Capital Expenditure' demands the very best economics for the client. Aesthetics are a vital element to every playground and our product looks great longer.

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