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We are Jumping Pillows LLC. of Tennessee USA and we have distributed the Jumping Pillow throughout the USA and Canada since 2004. Recently we broke away from the Jumping Pillow brand and launched our new product the 'Kangaroo Jumper'. The new product is vastly superior to any other like product found throughout the world because of the added exclusive canvas features and additional manufacturing processes which result in superior strength, higher safety levels and much longer life.

The Jumping Pillow has served us well throughout the years but continued development of the product here in the USA has seen our product move further ahead of the traditional Jumping Pillow manufactured in Europe and Australia, it was simply time to give our product its own unique identity.

Businesses in the western world especially, are demanding higher and higher levels of safety in an effort to avoid litigation and higher Insurance costs and as economies tighten, the focus on value for money is heightened.

Product Differences

We are product innovators and are constantly looking at ways to improve the product. In 2013 we released the 'No Sand' option for our outdoor product - Another 'World First'!

UV Protection: We use PVC canvas which gives the absolute highest UV protection possible. Our material is far superior to the Australian Jumping Pillow and other USA manufactured products. Our material is specifically manufactured for the Kangaroo Jumper.

Variable Speed Motor: Each Kangaroo Jumper can be fitted with a Variable Speed Motor which allows the owner to vary the bounce to suit the age group. This is a big safety issue and is especially useful for our Indoor Kangaroo Jumper.

Sand Depth Indicator: A lack of sand covering the hard edge is responsible for 78% of all injuries. The Kangaroo Jumper has its own 'Sand Depth Indicator' which tells the owner instantly the sand needs to be re-distributed or replenished.

Double Welded Seams: When a 300 pound person is jumping near a seam he/she exerts twice as much pressure on the seams compared to an average weight person, and on occasions the seam will tear apart on opposition products. Every seam on the Kangaroo Jumper is double welded for added strength. Our seams never split!

Installation Method: We have five different installation methods which we have developed over the years and we use every one of them. This versatility allows us to install in situations where our competition says 'No, it can't be done'.

Continued Innovation: Right now we are developing a new product for release in 2014. This new product is unique and 'one of a kind'. It will not compete with the existing product and will not compete within the industries we serve, it will not compete with any other product on the market. It will present a whole new business opportunity to our Distributors accross the world and generally they will receive the first option on the new innovation.

The Opportunity

Investment in a Kangaroo Jumper Distributorship has proven to be a wise decision for others and it can be for you also! Every Country has its own set of circumstances and our Distributorship Agreement is designed to meet your specific situation. Access to our exclusive material, our manufacturing processes, use of our name, logo and web sites, our five installation methods, our vast knowledge and training of your installers is not free however those before you have found our structure to be surprisingly very fair!

If you would like more information please e-mail me with details of your situation. Our prices ex-factory are very low to compensate for import freight costs and will allow you to competitively market the product in your Country while enjoying a healthy profit margin. Depending on your potential market size we can also help with manufacture in your own Country.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Gary Wakerley - Owner
1+865 387 8707


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