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2017 Indoor Kangaroo Jumper Prices


 Footprint size


 29ft.long x 20ft.wide $10350.00

Add installation & Freight. Costs will vary and depend on travel/freight distances etc. Our installer plus one helper is required and sometimes you may be positioned to provide the helper. Expect $2000 - 3500

Client is responsible for the landing area (flooring) around the pillow. This could vary depending on existing material and client decor preferences.

Please talk with Gary on 865 387 8707

 29ft.long x 25ft.wide $10575.00

 38ft.long x 25ft.wide $11265.00

 38ft.long x 30ft.wide $11750.00

 48ft.long x 30ft.wide $13950.00

Our product is a 'life long' one and even after many years of use it will look like brand new, our motor and blower unit is NOT made in China. It is virtually silent and will last as long as the Jumper. This is a USA engineered product which incorporates a new level of safety standards, it is also 'Lead Safe' and 'Alergy Safe'.

The Kangaroo Jumper WILL be the focal point of your whole business and it will set you apart from your competition. Kids always choose the Kangaroo Jumper first and that's a fact! Get a Quotation!

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