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The Spiderweb

One of the advantages of working as a supplier across different business sectors is that you become ideally positioned to cross pollinate products. Jumping Pillows LLC. deals extensively with the Agri-Tourism industry and this new recreational product gem 'The SpiderWeb' comes to the Campground and other industries courtesy of the Agri- Tourism industry - Just like the Jumping Pillow did the same in reverse nine years ago.

The idea is not particularly new but this model has several unique features that we're sure you'll like. Firstly we have given the product more beef in rope size to give it an 'Esthetic Impact' and the larger rope size makes it easier for the little ones to navigate. Rope stretches over time and our model incorporates 'Easy Adjustment' to tighten when necessary. Even better then all that is that we manufacture this product right here in the USA without compromising the price, in fact our price makes this playground item affordable to EVERYONE as you'll find out when you inquire!

This is what an Agri-Tourism owner says "Kids in the age group 4 to 12 just love hanging out in the SpiderWeb, it is ultra safe and we have found it a cool addition to our business. It looks like a real spider web and from the road the visual impact is fantastic. We started with one this last season and we're putting in another two for our 2011 season because they have been so popular"
If you want a 100% guarantee that a new product will be successful for your playground, you would normally have to just wait and see, but in this case the Agri-Tourism & the Campground Industry have already done the testing for you, we are all in the same business when it comes to recreation and filling a clients day with fun and exciting things to do.

You want a Spiderweb for Indoors - NO PROBLEM!

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