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The Truth About Material Quality!

These images below represent the state of the PVC Canvas after increasing hours of accellerated UV testing. You can see the increasing degradation in the second set of images - this canvas is the Farrari Canvas from France and it is a quality canvas however, the second group shows the Kangaroo Jumper B6501 Canvas after the same test. It was after this test that we increased our warranty to 5 years unconditional.

The point here is that not only is our canvas clearly far better than other canvases but the other suppliers don't have this data to back up their claim of 'We have the 'Best Material' I think you will find that their warranty is far less then ours as well, the best other warranty is 5 years ProRata. Fact: We know that some competitor canvas is not even as good as the one used in the test.

Because we have a thorough knowledge UV ratings of PVC canvases available from around the world and we combine our canvas with our exclusive safety features, we make the claim of 'We have the best, safest and most long lasting material' with the confidence that it is a true statement!

We also want to state that if any other supplier can show or demonstrate that their material is in any way superior to ours then I will humbly apologize publicly.

(Our competitors pour over every inch of our website every week and this statement has been here for 2 years - so far 'No Takers') - What does that tell you about their claim 'We have the best material'?

Gary Wakerley - Owner

The Kangaroo Jumper material B6501 results below!

Same Test on Competitors Material

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